Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyushu University
Bioorganic and Synthetic Chemistry


■ 抗腫瘍活性天然物の全合成とDNA結合分子への展開
   Naturally-Occurring Molecules-Inspired Design of New DNA-Binding Molecules
■ インテリジェント人工核酸の設計 (官能基転移核酸・クロスリンク核酸)
     Design of Intelligent Molecules with Highly Serective Reactivity and their Incorporation
     into the Oligonucleotides (Functionality-Transfer or Cross-linking Oligonucleotides)
■ インテリジェント人工核酸のDNA医薬品への展開

■ 3本鎖形成人工核酸の開発(W-字型人工核酸)
    Expansion of Triplex Recognition Codes with W-shaped Nucleoside Analogues (WNA)

■ 遺伝子損傷部位を特異的に認識する分子の開発(8オキソグアノシン認識分子)
   8-OxoG-clamp as a Selective Fluorescence Quenching Probe for 8-Oxo-deoxyguanosine