Frontier in Biofunction of Nucleic Acid and Organic Chemistry

Welcome to Taniguchi Laboratory (谷口研究室)

旧ホームはこちら 佐々木教授は長崎国際大学薬学部へ

-Research Policy of Taniguchi's Laboratory-

The research activitiesof Taniguchi group have focused on ....

Keywords:Organic Synthesis, Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry.OligonucleotideTherapeutics.

-Research Topics-

■ Expansion of Triplex Recognition Codes

■ Adap (Adenosine-1,3-diazaphenoxazine) as a Selective
Recognition molecule for 8-oxodG (8-Oxo-Deoxyguanosione) in DNA

  “遺伝子損傷部位を特異的に認識する分子の開発  (8オキソグアノシン認識分子)”

■ Mimic of nucleic acids



What's New

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Yosuke Taniguchi*, Yuya Magata, Takayuki Osuki, Ryotaro Notomi, Lei Wang, Hidenori Okamiura and Shigeki Sasaki*, Development of novel C-nucleoside analogues for formation of antiparallel-type triplex DNA with DNA that includesTA and dUA base pairs,Org. Biomol. Chem., accepted.